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The Truth Is Not Negotiable

Published November 12, 2012 by melissamaree

The Truth Is Not Negotiable




There seems to be a lot of confusion around about what the truth actually is. People everywhere are spouting “facts” and debating issues based on their own opinions. It’s fine to share your opinion of course, but what is the point of inventing supposed facts to support it. The truth is no negotiable, if you find yourself debating an issue it can pay to do some research … forming opinions based on emotions that are ignorant of the facts simply makes you sound stupid. I know this sounds like basic advice, common knowledge even, but it is surprising how many people seem to push arguments that are based on nothing.

The truth is not negotiable … once you discover it you will know it. Unfortunately the truth is not available in every situation, if this is the case then it is perhaps better to refrain from judging others and reserve your opinion. 

If you can not prove it beyond the shadow of a doubt, then don’t promote it, and most importantly … do not trust it!

A good example of this is the marijuana debate, I have seen many users posting promotional type posts on social networking site that are simply not factual. Spreading misinformation like this is very dangerous … people seem to share and share and share these viral posts without even checking the facts.

The Truth is not negotiable … it is never negotiable, it can not be changed, it can not be disproved. It just is.

If you are seeking answers and have been unable to discover any that you feel are satisfactory, then you can carry out your own research by analyzing the findings of other and comparing them. If you are unable to research further than this and your findings are still unsatisfactory, then you may have to accept the fact that some truths have not yet been discovered. The secrets of the universe are vast and it is likely that some things will never be understood.


Feminism & Rape Culture

Published October 31, 2012 by melissamaree


Feminism & Rape Culture

Wearing a bikini to the beach is one thing … but hanging images of naked and semi naked women everywhere perpetuates rape culture.

1. It causes women to think that if they do not look like airbrushed models then they are not beautiful enough.
2. It perpetuates rape culture by teaching men to expect that they have the right to see women in their underwear.

This does not apply to all men of course, but take a look at the statistics surrounding violence towards women … society is obviously doing something wrong. Jokes, Tv, advertising … the list goes on. If we want to build a world where women are save we need to rethink everything that we are doing.We need feminism because our bodies are not public property.

This is not about underwear models, this is not about the company … this is about stepping back and seeing the pieces that are part of the big picture. Men have a history of treating women like pets, we need feminism because this needs to end