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Published October 31, 2012 by melissamaree

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Whilst browsing the internet I was absolutely mortified to find this Code-Braker advertisement.

Code-Braker is a book which list cheats for many different games which are currently available on the market today. Some people may jump at the chance of knowing there is a book out there to help you complete games with aid, however, I was least amused when I came across this advertisement. The caption reads ‘sometimes ya gotta cheat’. This strong message which is implying that it is OK to cheat on your wife is beyond sickening. It is also making men believe that if they did go ahead and cheat on their wife, they would receive a ‘gorgeous’, ‘fun’ and ‘sexy’ female shown in the advertisement.

These types of ads are the main reasons which produce insecurities in women over their partner and themselves. They are also the reason why so much pressure in the media…

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Published October 31, 2012 by melissamaree

I’ve always loved this quote 🙂

Published October 28, 2012 by melissamaree

Educational institutions are supposed to provide a safe environment for all. No more victim blaming!

(Dana Bolger)–[Trigger warning for sexual assault]

Dear Amherst College community:

The photographs below feature eleven men and women who were sexually assaulted at Amherst College and the words that members of our community said to them following their assaults. Not every survivor is holding his or her own sign; some of the students have transferred or dropped out of Amherst out of fear of their attackers’ continued presence on campus or from lack of options in the face of an unsympathetic administration.

Many of you were shocked to read Angie Epifano’s story. Most of us in the survivor community at Amherst were deeply saddened but not surprised to learn of her experience with the College administration, since it so closely mirrored our own.

I have followed our college community’s reactions to Angie’s story. The outrage toward our school’s administration is just and appropriate. That our administration owes a…

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Feminism is NOT Obsolete

Published October 26, 2012 by melissamaree

Feminism in Modern Society

Feminism today is much different than it was in days gone by. It is viewed differently and it is practised differently. This, of course, is due to the fact that the world has changed. When I say that the world has changed I am referring specifically to the western world. When it comes to the rights of women, there are many cultures that do not seem to have advanced at all. The issues of domestic abuse and the violation of women’s rights have actually escalated in many places. It is also obvious that the way people perceive and react to the word “feminism” has changed as well.


Discrimination against women has become so widely accepted that people who proclaim themselves as being feminists are sometimes ridiculed as standing for a cause that is no longer relevant. This is and ignorant and untrue belief, it is assumed by many that women have achieved equality and that the cause is obsolete. This is far from being the truth. Domestic violence is on the rise, women in many parts of the world are still subjected to laws and punishments that are based solely on their gender. Women are tortured every day simply for being women.


Feminism is NOT over until every female on this earth has the right to be respected, the right to make free and informed choices and the right to be valued as a person and not just a body. I have heard several uninformed people lately raise the issue of equal pay … this is an issue for many women, however, once again it is assumed by many that the issue is obsolete. It is not obsolete! There is a long, long way to go … in some places in the world women are not allowed to work. If we are going to stand for the rights of women then we need to stand united and stand for the rights of ALL women.