The Truth Is Not Negotiable

Published November 12, 2012 by melissamaree

The Truth Is Not Negotiable




There seems to be a lot of confusion around about what the truth actually is. People everywhere are spouting “facts” and debating issues based on their own opinions. It’s fine to share your opinion of course, but what is the point of inventing supposed facts to support it. The truth is no negotiable, if you find yourself debating an issue it can pay to do some research … forming opinions based on emotions that are ignorant of the facts simply makes you sound stupid. I know this sounds like basic advice, common knowledge even, but it is surprising how many people seem to push arguments that are based on nothing.

The truth is not negotiable … once you discover it you will know it. Unfortunately the truth is not available in every situation, if this is the case then it is perhaps better to refrain from judging others and reserve your opinion. 

If you can not prove it beyond the shadow of a doubt, then don’t promote it, and most importantly … do not trust it!

A good example of this is the marijuana debate, I have seen many users posting promotional type posts on social networking site that are simply not factual. Spreading misinformation like this is very dangerous … people seem to share and share and share these viral posts without even checking the facts.

The Truth is not negotiable … it is never negotiable, it can not be changed, it can not be disproved. It just is.

If you are seeking answers and have been unable to discover any that you feel are satisfactory, then you can carry out your own research by analyzing the findings of other and comparing them. If you are unable to research further than this and your findings are still unsatisfactory, then you may have to accept the fact that some truths have not yet been discovered. The secrets of the universe are vast and it is likely that some things will never be understood.


Freedom ~ How To Get Yours Without Destroying Someone Elses

Published November 2, 2012 by melissamaree

Freedom, you want it, we all want it, so why don’t we have it?

It seems these days that we do not have the freedom to even have our own opinions. This is evident in every current social issue that is out there, why is it? Are you contributing to the problem?

Are you destroying the Freedom of others?

Do you take it upon yourself to convert others to your point of view?
This destroys the Freedom of other people … you want the right to your own opinion … you don’t want to be judged for it or told that you are wrong do you? Well maybe step off and give other people the same respect. Do they really have to agree with you? Or do they deserve to have their own opinion? Ok so maybe some people have warped opinions, there’s not much you can do about that is there? You can push and argue and debate but what are you achieving? Are you simply adding to the intolerance?

It is fair enough to want to share your opinion … but sometimes you need to be aware of the facts, and sometimes there are no facts that can actually define the situation, this is when it comes down to opinions. Have yours, be proud of it, but refrain from belittling others who may not have the same opinion as you .. you have every right to spread your message and share your view. You have NO right to belittle others and infringe upon their right to have the same Freedom.

So you believe in legalising Gay marriage? You have every right.

So you believe that gay marriage is wrong? You have every right.

But you have no right to force your beliefs onto anyone else!!!!

Telling The Truth Is Revolutionary

Published November 2, 2012 by melissamaree


Telling the truth should really come naturally shouldn’t it? The Truth is always clear, having the ability to separate the truth from the illusions that we see through our own glasses of perception is a gift.

Being brave enough to speak the truth when no one wants to hear it is the voice of revolution

Compassion and Human Rights For Asylum Seekers

Published November 2, 2012 by melissamaree

Human Rights

A refugee woman and her child in a Tunisian Transit Camp © UNHCR / A. Braithwaite

Human Rights law is very, very clear when it states that seeking asylum is a Human Right.

Australia has signed the Refugee Convention, The United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees was developed for the purpose of setting out the rights of asylum seekers and the responsibilities of nations that grant asylum to refugees. The convention states that seeking asylum is a human right and that a refugee has the right to be free from penalties related to their illegal entry into the country that provides asylum

Australia has been avoiding it’s responsibilities and its promise to uphold Human Rights law by exploiting a loophole. This loophole is called excision, excision seriously violates a person’s right to seek asylum. This very confusing and strange loophole allows Australia to pretend that Australian Territory is not really Australian territory … sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?? That’s because it is ridiculous. This tactic has been employed for the sole purpose of avoiding responsibility. People are dying because of Australias unwillingness to honor the promise that they made when they signed the convention. Is this how we want to be represented? As hypocrites who do not keep our promises?? Seems pretty unAustralian to me.

These are dark days indeed. Where is compassion when people are suffering, dying and being forced to sell everything they own so they can seek asylum only to find that Australians are employing underhanded tactics that are compassionless and hateful? Shame on us if we can’t protect the weak when they come to us in need !!


You can read more about the Refugee Convention and it’s violation on the dedicated Amnesty International page  here >>> Human Rights

Sexism Racism Stupidity ~ Nice Australia

Published November 1, 2012 by melissamaree


Feminism has a long way to go if sexism in Australia is ever going to be brought under control, and that’s not to mention racism and just stupidity in general, nice job Australia

Published October 31, 2012 by melissamaree

Amy Simone Design

Whilst browsing the internet I was absolutely mortified to find this Code-Braker advertisement.

Code-Braker is a book which list cheats for many different games which are currently available on the market today. Some people may jump at the chance of knowing there is a book out there to help you complete games with aid, however, I was least amused when I came across this advertisement. The caption reads ‘sometimes ya gotta cheat’. This strong message which is implying that it is OK to cheat on your wife is beyond sickening. It is also making men believe that if they did go ahead and cheat on their wife, they would receive a ‘gorgeous’, ‘fun’ and ‘sexy’ female shown in the advertisement.

These types of ads are the main reasons which produce insecurities in women over their partner and themselves. They are also the reason why so much pressure in the media…

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